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Hello, my name is David. I have what I like to call a jack-of-all-trades mentality with zero fear of self-teaching. The words "That's not my job" are nowhere to be found in my vocabulary. I can wear all the hats necessary to run a small business; daily operations, project management, marketing, finances, human resources, customer relationship management, information technology and everything in between. I do not shy away from learning that to which I do not know. I welcome every possible opportunity to learn new skills. I have earned a university degree in Law & Business, a college diploma in Business Administration and I am PMP (Project Management Professional) certified. 

You could also say, I am a results-focused professional with hands-on experience in general business operations and project management within challenging environments. I am commended for developing and implementing robust plans, processes, and practices to attain bottom-line results. I am instrumental in streamlining functions and resolving complex issues to ensure seamless workflow. I am a pro-active learner and skilled communicator, able to build strong relations with key clients, management, team members, and other stakeholders.


Jack-Of-All-Trades Mentality | Zero Fear of Self-Teaching | Organizational Guru | All Around Good Guy

David Guthrie PMP

Lewis Baumander

Owner - Casting Central Inc.

"I have worked with David for over 8 years. The success of my business owes a large amount to David's wide range of skills, dedication, and above and beyond what would be considered acceptable. It was time for David to move on. I wished he could have stayed. He was seeking greater challenges. Any company that hires David is very lucky."

Jenny Lewis, CDC

Casting Director / Owner - Lewis Kay Casting

"David is an innovative thinker who always brings something extra to the table. You may hire him with one thing in mind but soon enough he has helped you see more and you end up changing his tasks accordingly. Affable and easy to have in your workspace. He is a self-starter and really an invaluable part of any team."

Marissa Richmond, CDC

Casting Director - Marissa Richmond Casting

"Two words - David's great. More words - Always professional and ready with answers to any questions or issues that might arise. Readily available with a smile and great collaborative demeanor. David would be a wonderful addition to any team as a member or leader. He was always a pleasure to work with."








Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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David Guthrie |
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